Benji Goossen Graphic Designer Portrait 3

Hi there!

My name is Benji Goossen and I am an artisan. Technically I am a Graphic Designer with a love for 3D, but I prefer the word artisan; this is because it carries a connotation of craftsmanship and attention to detail that has been lost in present-age. I enjoy the process of the craft and learning new techniques which makes it easy for me to learn new ideas or programs. Well… except when it comes to Russian. Russian is harder than Java, HTML and CSS combined… I’m not kidding.

I grew up in Central Asia in the gorgeous and mountainous country of Kyrgyzstan (great for snowboarding!). While living there for 80% of my life I was exposed to the dichotomy of natural beauty and terrible graphic design. This spurred me forward, seeking solutions for ugly billboards and posters. I have developed a strong urge to make beautiful designs, and I am intent on using it for the good of helping other people. Graphic design can be powerful, and  I want to use it to be the catalyst to help others reach their dreams. For you to reach your dream. Take a look at my portfolio of my past work and see what I could do for you.


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