Project Description

Free Country & Live - Close Up

Free Country & Live

  • Job Type: Class Project

  • Class: Printmaking

  • Deliverables: Three-color Linoleum Print

This print represents the peaceful civil revolution in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. The revolution started on April 18, 2018, and since then hundreds have died due to severe backlash from the government. For this print, I wanted to depict the beauty of the country as well as the hope of a better and freer future. Several Nicaraguan symbols were used in the print including the motmot bird as well as the plumeria flowers. “Patria Libre Y Vivir” means, “Free Country and Live” and is the current slogan for the revolution, signifying the freedom and hope that the country is looking forward to.

Free Country & Live - Full Print - Full Res
Nica Print - Traditional Linoleum Print = Full Res