Project Description

Óleo Serra Grande

  • Job Type: Client | Freelance

  • Client: Óleo Serra Grande

  • Deliverables: Branding, Packaging, Print

Óleo Serra Grande is a new business seeking to impact the local area of Serra Grande, Brazil. In this area are thousands of abandoned babacu coconuts fall to the ground, unused by the local population. Óleo Serra Grande creates valuable oil from these coconuts creating jobs with the least overhead. Through this, Óleo Serra Grande can have a lasting impact on the welfare of the local families and build great relationships with them.

The client approached me needing a label for the bottle to give identification and professionalism to the brand in the local marketplace. This required a flexible branding system that could stretch across the oil bottle labels and future products not oil-specific, like soaps.

I accomplished this by taking several of the values of the company and turning them into a clean and organic logo. This was partnered with a repeated pattern that gave a sense of quality, to help it stand out from the less-designed competition.