Project Description

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Carpenter Project

  • Job Type: Volunteer

  • Client: Carpenter Project

  • Deliverables: Branding, Web, Social, Print & Video

  • Position: Lead Design Director

  • Collaborators: Jeremie Ritzman, Hallie May, Brooke Davis, Noah Franz, & Kiralyn Tuttle

The Carpenter Project is a non-profit organization creating sustainable homes for those in desperate need. This model consists of a 1-for-1 system, which partners domestic (USA) homebuyers with refugee families in Uganda.

Will Hansen, the founder of the organization, needed a system to communicate the project clearly to potential partners. A full brand design was necessary, including an infographic brochure, website, and promotional video.

After working on the project for several months (and traveling to Uganda), I built a creative team to design the needed marketing material. After 3.5 months we created a website, that houses the brand design, video, and infographics to this day. I continue to create media for the company, as we shift towards pitching the model to potential partners.

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