Project Description

Benji Goossen - Harvest Radio Video Freeze frame

Harvest Radio Video

  • Job Type: Client | Freelance

  • Client: Harvest Radio

  • Deliverables: Animated Explainer Video

  • Role: Illustration and Animation​

  • Collaborators: Nate Goossen

Harvest Radio is an organization in Nova Russas, Brazil which is a Christian radio station. They decided to switch from AM to FM and needed a clear way to explain the problem to get people on board.
I did this through a stop-motion short, creating a clear depiction of the problem through infographic-style elements. We completed the project in under a week. Since then, the radio station has been fully funded, built and official on-air.
Fun Fact: We took 1686 photos, and it was frickn’ worth it.
Benji Goossen - Harvest Radio Video Storyboarding
Benji Goossen - Harvest Radio Video Illustration assets
Benji Goossen - Harvest Radio logo